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The FAQ starts with a rather snotty remark about how "Perl is not a text editor." It follows with a 500-word article sketching several more-or-less difficult ways to do this. The FAQ suggests: happens to be empty, it rewrites only one record.Most of them involve throwing away the original file and replacing it with a modified copy. The new module makes a file look like a Perl array. If you read the array, you get a line from the file. Now let's suppose you have a datatbase with several columns, and the first column is the key.If you modify the array, the file is modified as you requested. For concreteness, let's say it's the Unix password file, and the key is the username.

sorry, just one of the things that bug me like people spelling the two words "a lot" as one word "alot". I've never used sed before within a perl script. I suppose I could backtick the perl -p -e statement in the script too, but it's kind of ugly. Here we will limit our analysis to a pure shell environment using the commonly used filters, or stream-editing tools (sed, perl, awk and similar), which is a relatively common situation.Things start to change if we allow programming languages or special tools.But instead of associating the data with the usernames (which would take a lot of space) we only associate a record number with each username.# manually specified sed -i '5s/.*/Good morning/' file1file2file3file4# wildcard: all files on the desktop sed -i '5s/.*/Good morning/' ~/Desktop/* # brace expansion: file1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt, file4sed -i '5s/.*/Good morning/' import sys import os def open_and_replace(filename): with open(filename) as read_file: temp = open("/tmp/temp.txt","w") for index,line in enumerate(read_file,1): if index == 5: temp.write("NEW STRING\n") else: temp.write(line.strip() "\n") temp.close() os.rename("/tmp/temp.txt",filename) for file_name in sys.argv[1:]: open_and_replace(file_name) Basic idea is that for each file provided on command-line as argument, we write out a temporary file and enumerate each line in the original file.This can be partially managed with log alerting and parsing tools.Such tools often alert you to unusual log entries, and merely summarize the rest.Be sure to learn where your hosts keep their log files, as the directory is different for different flavors of *nix. However it would be foolish to try to read all log data, all the time.Since it is impossible to know in advance what log data will be useful, you end up collecting far more than any human (or sys admin) can possibly read and understand.This can be verified with strace; even without strace, a simple with sed, make sure you specify a backup extension to save a copy of the original file in case something goes wrong.That simple sed command changes the first 'hello' on each line to 'jello'. Notice that this sed command with the -i option overwrites your original file, so of course you want to be very careful with this command, and make backups of your original files, and move them to other directories before issuing this command.As you can see from the sed man page, you can also provide a file suffix, and sed will make a backup of your original file, using the suffix you provide.So a command like this: will create a backup file named hello.bak, which will contain your original file contents. Log files are used for audits, for evidence in legal actions, for incident response, to reduce liability, and for various legal and regulatory compliance reasons. Web logs may be useful for marketing and website design, and so on. ) can use the logging daemon ), time-stamp, filter, store, alert, and forward logging data.When upgrading or deploying new (or newly configured) services, log data can be valuable in finding problems quickly. Syslog has the added benefit of somewhat standardizing log file formats, making it much easier to examine log data with various standard tools.

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Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.

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FSPC hosts many events every month, ranging from rope enthusiast workshops to sacred sexuality meet-ups -- keep track on their online calendar here.