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Select Parameters["Customer ID"] = obj Customer Parameter; obj Customer.

Select Parameters["Database"] = obj GPDatabase Parameter; Add them to the event for the operation you are trying to use.

It seems that some exception is happening which is not handled or caught by the debugger.

I'm going to give up on this approach and use my own method in the Row Command event instead.

The page just posts back with the Edit Item Template controls still showing.

I can put breakpoints all over the place, but the trail stops at the end of Things_Updating.

Cancel to true in certain circumstances, but they aren't being hit.

This is a rough sample but basically what you can do is instead of creating a control parameter you can create a session parameter or something similar: So when you click enter it will use the textbox value or when you change the dropdownlist it will use the dropdownlist's value.

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Many real-world scenarios require that the parameters being used for selecting, inserting, updating, or deleting be programmatically assigned or altered, which can be accomplished in the appropriate pre-action event.and whenever the event is triggered, i take the parameter value from dropdownlist.selectedvalue...and if the button is clicked, i use the code given by Muhammad Akhtar..For example, if these parameters are part of the SELECT command then add them to the Selecting event, if they need to go with the UPDATE command then add them on the Updating event.The Object Data Source raises an event before it performs each operation, that's when you can insert parameters (or validate/alter existing parameters).I use an object Data Store to insert the records from a form.But when inserting into the database, I might get an error. But how do I return some data back into the aspx file?These controls allow page developers to declaratively access and modify data without writing any code to perform the data access. The Data Source Control Basics article that kicked off this article series examined how to add data source controls to a page, specify the data to retrieve and/or modify, and bind that data to a data Web control (such as a Grid View, Details View, or Form View).This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. While point-and-click data access is useful for prototyping and for beginners or hobbyists who have little to no programming experience, wizards and the like are generally frowned upon by more seasoned developers since they typically offer ease of use at the cost of extensibility and customizability. NET 2.0 data source controls, however, provide the best of both worlds, in my opinion - they can be quickly and easily configured to work with data, yet through a myriad of events that are raised during the data source controls' lifecycles, provide the flexibility for use in more advanced scenarios. Please build a function to make sure that only valid columns are specified in the sort expression to avoid a SQL Injection attack. Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.For example, the Sql Data Source and Object Data Source raise their event indicates, among other things, if an exception occurred during the operation.Similarly named pre- and post-action events fire during the updating, inserting, and deleting processes, as well.What exactly i was missing was that i wasn't clearing the value of select Parameter before adding a new parameter.... Thanks a lot Thank you Akhtar bhai, what i actually did was used your code, and added dropdownlist_selectedindexchanged event ...and whenever the event is triggered, i take the parameter value from dropdownlist.selectedvalue...

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