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Photo: David Goering This is the most common comment anyone from Pakistan will hear the first time they have a conversation with a foreigner.People are astonished that anyone from Pakistan, let alone a woman, can speak, read, and write in fluent English.I left my smartphone behind, thinking there was no point in taking it.Cue all of my cousins constantly uploading selfies on Facebook and updating their Twitter accounts like there’s no tomorrow.So when Ali began getting these texts at all hours, her father suggested she change her number.

It is just part and parcel of the legacy of being a Pakistani mother-in-law. No, not with your good looks, charm or personality, this pauper… But don’t take this lightly at all, there can, and have been, huge fights over dowry; sometimes, in a rage of greed they burn you or even kill you for not bringing that last toothpick left in your house! You will have to live with over a dozen other people in a small, cramped house. Not only do you live with his parents, you share space with his three other brothers and their families. Do not pester him into letting you go for a movie with your friends because this may result in him calling you all sorts of names, from dogs and cats to mothers and fathers – or, he will go crying to his mother, who will sympathise with all her heart and this little tête-à-tête will result in him texting you, 6.

A friend of mine dated an Indian guy who seemed very "American" but ended up being SUPER traditional and she couldn't handle it.

I'm just trying to know what I'm getting into, LOL. Well, as long as he removed the Winnie-the-Pooh decor and the Kung Fu posters, it shouldn't matter.

I have a close friend whose dad is from India who has a similar background to your guy who is as American as you get.

He was also a Marine and put his life on the line in Iraq.

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Sexting is a new twist on the timeless desire of teens and adults to engage in sexual expression.

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Read more There’s a dating adage out there that you should judge a man by how he treats his mother. As a psychiatrist in Los Angeles and in my workshops I’ve been struck by how many sensitive, empathic people who I call “emotional...