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According to the Toronto Sun, there's a chance we may add another name to the music side of the dating history: Country star, and proud Canadian lass, Shania Twain is rumored to be dating Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Curtis Joseph.

From the Sun: Hey, Cujo, you old dog, whose bed have your boots been under?

I am a Canadian, British born, and living and working in Toronto as a college instructor and member of the Law Society, Legal service provider.

Father of four kids, all over 18 now, and divorced and remarried to the Beautiful Ellie, I have a very happy life.

Because, that is kind of My Thing: Sporadic Coherence.

Why, indeed they DO," and that is how we got to this entry. (And, yes, this has no place in this entry, but, you know. Now you have something in your head besides We Didn't Start the Fire!

Maple Leafs backup goalie Curtis Joseph hasn't confirmed or denied that he and singer Shania Twain are an item. We'll have you know that the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little Cujo on the sly. Alas, this hockey/country love connection may be all hat and no cattle.

If it's true, it raises a curious question: Given that her ex-husband is named Mutt, does Shania date only hounds?

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sensual content, but Chuck has allowed me freedom here to post almost at will, as long as it is ok to be sung to my kids if they were 12.. A young Christian and devoted lover of God, my parodies will be less judgemental, and more fun oriented in the future.My fav inspirations here are Guy Dirito, and Michael Pacholek for their undying support and interaction both suppoortive and critical.The late Royce Miller,( My Amiright Queen) is greatly missed, but The lovely Arwen, Merry and Susanna prove that the female side can also split us apart with laughter. I don't know, self-aggrandizing, maybe, in thinking that your life requires a list of frequently asked questions, and I think it is certainly necessary for some personal websites, but, man. Or interesting, for that matter, and so I haven't done it. Do these questions qualify as both 'frequent' and 'asked'? I'm closing the inquiry tomorrow-ish, I guess, and then voila, we'll all have a handy little place to go when you are about to , and there, shining like a HOLY BEACON, is this entry, thank God. The first time I typed that sentence, I typed "holy bacon." Which is just so, so much funnier. ) and, like, a walking stick, and we may never see him again. They're about to go on tour, so if they come to your town, y'all should totally go, but if you live in Atlanta, then you should totally come to their show on February 10, this Friday night, and you should say hello to me and Dukay, and we should totally have a drink together, like, totally. I guess I should go ahead and tell you that I won't answer anything too personal, and that I can't give legal advice or anything, but other than that, go to town. I mean, I kind of went all out for my last entry (and let me just say, writing that song? LINKING to all those entries, on the other hand, was a many-houred affair), and now it seems like my regular whining is sorely insufficient. Anyway, I have been getting all manner of questions in my email, and there tends to be a lot of overlap, so I've been meaning to answer them all in an entry, or on a separate FAQ page or something similarly high-tech and important sounding, but there's something kind of... And that makes me think, "Self, is this not the very definition of a frequently asked question? Y'all are going to ask more, either in the comments or over email, if you'd prefer, and I'll answer them here by updating throughout the day. So Dukay has entered a realm of befuddlement, armed with only his Sherpa (FAQ #2: What, exactly, is a Sherpa? But one day, it will arrive, or else I'll get fed up and write the damn thing myself already, because.. Furthermore, when he is sitting on my couch and I tell him to play me that song right now, seriously, that and not look at me like I am some crazy fangrrrrl. Y'all come up with some questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. At first, I would watch Leaf games with him just to be with him - I didn't really know what was going on, nor did I care.But that time with him was great - neither my dad nor my other brother really cared that much, and my mom certainly didn't - so Leafs games were time that my favourite brother and I spent together.Especially so when they can go out on the ice and look just as sexy scoring a goal. Athleticism and Speed: When I was much younger, I was a baseball fan.My brother played baseball, my dad coached baseball, and by the time I was 6 I could list off stats and knew every single phrase involved in baseball. And then they had a lockout, which gave me time away from baseball to find other sports. When the NHL had their lockout, I found other sports too - but it wasn't the same.The athleticism and speed in hockey far surpass any other sport and a year without it was hard.Once it came back, I embraced it like never before. Sibling Bond: My love of baseball was really rooted in it being my brother's primary sport, but I was very lucky that he was also a Leafs fan.Fan IQ has an updated rundown of the many female conquests by NHL players: From Elisha Cuthbert to Anna Kournikova to that adorable Donna Jo "D.J." Tanner from "Full House." What you'll find is that musicians make up a surprising portion of the list: Kellie Pickler, Hilary Duff, Willa Ford and, of course, Paris Hilton.I hope to be here for many years to come, and wish you all the best. Really, I should have figured that you'd all understand, and I kind of feel like an idiot for being so nervous about coming back. So, maybe reading about my experience will be borderline...useful. I am just here to communicate words, in varying degrees of coherence! He cannot help us with bail money [] but he has a robe and a hammer thing), another friend we will call The Minister (do not ask; we don't know why he's called the Minister, particularly given the fact that the Minister is actually Jewish, but we are going to go with it) and other assorted wonderful people who I don't have names for yet, but I am on it, however, point BEING that these were the words coming out of my mouth and hurtling in the direction of those poor, unfortunate people, all starting about 2 months ago when the breakup was considered official: Day 1: Sob. Google "nooses" and "proper method of tying." Day 2: SOB SOB SOB OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE.

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Mostly, these were arranged marriages keeping wealth and reputation into consideration.

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If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.