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If you have read any of the books on this list, you can probably tell from the character's name alone why I would never consider them a romantic match. Dorian Gray is vain, thoughtless, fickle, and wildly hedonistic. He has difficulty taking responsibility for his own choices.Dorian may be super attractive, but that's never enough. If a man's face is too handsome, I'll get tired of looking at it.His plays are well-received by the public, but he is an outsider.His inaction is the least appealing part about him.Reilly, a slothful 30-year-old who has adventures in New Orleans' French Quarter while reluctantly attempting to find a job, yet no studio has ever taken advantage of their eagerness.

Throughout the years, actors like John Goodman, and Will Ferrell have all been tapped to play the iconic role of Ignatius J.So writer Cynthia Nobles decided to dissect thebook's numerous food mentions in the glutinous tale of Ignatius J.Rilley and translate them for real life consumption.Nick Offerman's"A Confederacy of Dunces" is center stage at the Huntington Theatrethrough Dec.20, but before there was even a curtain call, John Kennedy Toole’s novel already hada cult following hungry for more.Some characters skip over intriguing and exciting and fall right into the category of "absolutely not" for dating material.A real life version of any of them would be a waking nightmare!We wouldn't want to see “Happy Madison Productions” flash on the screen before the opening credits, and we certainly don’t want so see “Directed By The Farrelly Brothers” either.Nothing should be dumbed down here, as the novel is too near-and-dear to lit fans everywhere to just be bastardized like that.Being that A Confederacy of Dunces is the only Pulitzer Prize winning book published by LSU, this thread seems appropriate for this forum."Already he was polishing a few carefully worded accusations designed to reduce his mother to repentance or, at least, confusion" "Somewhere in Fantasyland, Ignatius was dreaming of a terrified Myrna Minkoff being tried by a court of Taste and Decency and found wanting.is one of the funniest novels that you will ever read.It’s filled with memorable characters and a plot that will certainly keep you engrossed; unfortunately, Hollywood always seems to fail at adapting it.There's nearly 200 recipes in the book of the same name that came out in October, a majority of which are rich in New Orleans culinary culture.Nobles, a Louisiananative who splits her time between Baton Rougue and New Orleans, said she re-read the book five times while finalizing her recipe index.

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Sometimes you need someone to talk to outside of Lifeline Crisis Chat hours.

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The "Tatar" clan still exists among the Mongols and Hazaras.

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There is no doubt that Russian brides have a stunning appearance that so many men are fond of.